One of the more overlooked elements of many landscaping plans is the lighting. You want your outdoor space to be beautiful and inviting even after the sun goes down. This is why good lighting is such an important part of the equation. It optimizes the use of your outdoor space and increases the value of the property as a whole.

Outdoor Lighting can enhance the look of other landscaping or hardscaping elements like retaining walls and water features. It also increases safety by illuminating pathways and corridors that might otherwise be difficult to navigate at night. Not only does good lighting protect your guests from unnecessary accidents, but it also acts as a deterrent for thieves, vandals, and other unwanted elements.


The lighting scheme of a property is as important to plan as any other part of the project. Some landscaping companies minimize the importance of lighting as part of an overall landscaping project. At LandScapes Now we understand how necessary it is to develop a functional and beautiful lighting scheme to compliment the space the light touches.

Good lighting plans take all of the following and more into consideration: placement, brightness, color, surroundings, gardens, hardscapes, structures, and energy efficiency.

We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to create an outdoor lighting scheme that brings out all the most appealing elements of your landscape. We use the best quality materials and fittings to ensure the longevity, look, and function of your outdoor lights for years to come. We also use a variety of styles to ensure maximum aesthetic value for all lighting fixtures and their surrounding elements including Up-Lighting, Down-Lighting, Spotlighting, Bollard Lighting and other Custom Styles and Techniques


We offer a variety of landscaping and hardscaping services including:


With a great lighting plan comes the need to spotlight all the best parts of your yard or other outdoor space. We install lights in existing structures and as stand-alone elements of their own. We can also recommend the best natural accents for concealing things like wiring and more basic fixtures that don’t add aesthetic value to the landscape.


Whether you are developing a new landscaping plan or just need to improve on your existing space, Landscapes-Now has creative landscaping design ideas that maximize the beauty and appeal of any outdoor space.

Contact us today to learn how we can transform your property with elegant, practical, and functional outdoor lighting. Call (833) 327-6249 to learn more. We serve the Denver Metro area and beyond.  With happy customers in Arvada, Aurora, Centennial, Denver, Lakewood, Thornton and Westminster.